What is “52 Weeks of Charity”? (About)

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Follow me on my year-long journey of charity as I volunteer with at least one charity per week each week for the year leading up to my 50th birthday. This is my bucket-list of a different sort – to give back and give thanks as I walk towards my half-century mark. A celebration through helping others and getting involved.  

I look back over my 49 years and feel blessed. Sure, there have been stages of unexpected and seemingly unsurmountable darkness, moments of adversity, grief and regret. And there are also swirls of victory, moments of amazing love, happiness to fill hearts, laughter and surprises of joy. I’ve needed every minute of the past 49 years to get me here and I’ve enjoyed my journey – the good, the bad, the easy and the difficult. I want to celebrate the life I’ve been given so I’m embarking on a year-long journey of a different kind by giving back. 

Each week I will be highlighting the charities and sharing whatever wisdom and lessons I learn along the way. I hope to share a deeper understanding of the charities and their impact and to help you see the world through the eyes of the people with whom I connect. 

I hope you will come along on my journey with me!


Kimberly Bustamante


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