What is the “52 Weeks of Charity”?

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This blog began as my “give-back” bucket-list  – each week for the 52 weeks leading up to my 50th birthday I dedicated myself to volunteering at a different charity as a way to give back and give thanks. That was the journey I wanted to take as I walked towards my 50th birthday….  A celebration of life through helping others. Approaching my 50th boldly and joyfully – focused on others and all life’s beauty, wonder, heartache and joy shared in community.  

52 weeks of charity.  A marathon of love. A marathon to connect with others, roll up my sleeves and try to make a tiny difference in this world. At the time, I was not sure what I would learn along the way, what lives I would touch (and which would impact mine) and how I would be changed. That was all part of the unknown journey. 

To keep myself focused and honest in achieving the full 52 weeks, I promised the world that each week I would blog, sharing my experiences and highlighting the amazing charities and people who dedicate their lives to helping others. In my own way I wanted to share whatever bits of wisdom and lessons the Universe shared with me along the way and to show that each of us can make a difference.

It was an amazing journey!

After my first 52 weeks ended, I missed the experiences greatly and continued to volunteer at a variety of organizations. I also received lots of emails and questions from people who wanted advice on starting their own journeys, and who were looking for ideas to share volunteer experiences as a family and with children. So I continued to post.

Now… it’s been 5 years since my original journey and as I look towards my 55th birthday, I am going to do a second set of 52 weeks of charity. This time, I think the writing will be different. I’ll add tips and activities, share more stories and personal bits to help you experience it more closely with me. So much has happened since I turned 50. The world experienced COVID, I moved to NYC and started a new job, my mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer… 

I feel a need to take stock, a desire to continue to grow, to continue to express light and to share whatever humble gifts I have, as meager as they may be, for the good of others. I want to continue to connect with the world in beauty and love – something that’s easily lost in the noise of the fight for the most exciting news headline and social media feed. And I believe connecting with others and focusing on giving back to the Universe will give me strength as I navigate the challenges that lie ahead. I want to find beauty during times of darkness as well as times of joy.

I hope you will continue to journey along with me!  If you have volunteer ideas for me, please share them with me through email at k8mante@gmail.com or comment them here.

Cheers to living in love,


To see my original 52 weeks at a glance, please visit this page: https://52weeksofcharity.blog/the-list-all-52-weeks-at-a-glance/

To see my current (2nd) 52 weeks at a glance, please visit this page: https://52weeksofcharity.blog/the-second-52-weeks-the-list/


  • John Henderson

    Kim – I look forward to learning and hearing about your journey into caritas over the upcoming year. May God’s blessing be upon you and shared through you!

  • Huge kudos to you Kim… for your year-long journey of giving AND for sharing your great stories along the way. I look forward to the weekly wisdom and lessons in living. ~Dan

  • Big congrats for accomplishing this wonderful journey!!! It’s amazing to see all the different organizations you have helped and supported along the way. We often get caught up in the day to day and don’t stop to appreciate life and all that we have, and then to give back and help others! A big thank you!

  • Wow!!!! I was online looking for a way to volunteer for a few weeks during my 50 birthday next year and came across your blog…

    You are so right, it should be 52 weeks, not just a week or 2…

    Thank you for inspiring me to do more!

    You are an inspiration.

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