The Current 52 Weeks: The List

This page will be updated with each week’s activity. Enjoy!

WeekOrganizationDescription of ActivityLink to Page
Pre-week 1Living Water InternationalTraveling to Guatemala to build a clean water well
Pre-week 2Habitat for Humanity TucsonPutting up new fencing with "A Brush With Kindness"
Week 1The Bowery MissionHelping Feed the Homeless
Week 2The Actor's TheaterCleaning up Holiday Decor
Week 3Gods Love we Deliver
Week 4Rescuing Leftover Cuisine
Week 5Caring By CardsCreating Valentine Cards for residents of Assisted Living Centers
Week 6Sustainable Fashion Community Center in East HarlmenVolunteering as a clothing swap-shop, recycling center, and community hub
Week 7FabScrapSorting Textile scraps from fashion brands for recycling
Week 8Smithsonian Digital Transcript Transcriber
Week 9New York WILD Film FestivalCelebrating wildlife, conservation, science and the environment
Week 10Project CiceroEnsuring all children have access to books
Week 11
Week 12The Billion Oyster ProjectHelping create oyster reefs.... how oysters can help clean the NY harbor and help solve the environmental impact of climate change on NYC.
Week 13ZooniversePublic Whale Sighting: A Citizen-Scientist Activity
Week 14Branch Brook Park AllianceCherry Blossom Ambassador
Week 15Empty Cloud MonasteryCleaning, Gardening, and Sangha: Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery
Week 16City Park Foundation and the Friends of Thompkins Square ParkEarth-month event celebration volunteer: Park clean-up
Week 17Ecological CityEarth & Climate Solution Parade Costume Designing
Week 18Auntie AdvocateCanvassing Sidewalk Chalk Style
Week 19
Week 20New York CaresThrowing Birthday Parties for Older Adults
Week 21
Week 22
Week 23Global Volunteers Volunteering on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana
Week 24PRIDE 5K volunteer
Week 25
Week 26
Week 27