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Week 4: Morris Habitat for Humanity

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500 two by fours, 50 gallons of paint and 150 pounds of nails build an average 1,200 sq-foot Habitat For Humanity (HFH) house. Those raw materials transform lives and bring security, hope and a sense of pride to needy families. The Dover site has 4 houses being built simultaneously, one of which is for an Army Veteran whose military resume includes participation in Desert Storm (Iraq) and battles in Afghanistan. Read more

Week 3: Birthday Buddies at Homeless Solutions Transitional Housing Program


Homeless families working to get back on their feet struggle to provide their children with necessities like clothing and food. They struggle to find affordable housing, pay bills, get medical care and pay for child care. Non-necessities which our society often take for granted, such as the ability to buy your child toys, books or gifts, to throw them birthday parties, to take a trip to the movies, etc. – are privileges these families simply cannot afford. Read more

Pre-Week 2: Hungry Helpers in Jersey City

St. Lucy’s Shelter is located a few short blocks north of the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, in a traffic-congested, gritty area of Jersey City. The beautiful architecture of the former church turned shelter is dwarfed by textile mills, warehouses and big box stores which surround it. I’m here to help serve dinner to the current residents/clients….

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